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About the Smith Electric Team

Smith Electric is a well-established Edmonton company that specializes in the rebuilding and overhaul of starters, alternators, generators, pump motors and magnetos. In addition to rebuilding, we make custom battery cables for any size cable. We handle all types of electric motors up to 64 volts, including marine-type motors, buses, RVs, agricultural applications, EMS vehicles, forklifts and more.

Decades of Experience

With the constant advancement in charging and starting system designs, you need technicians who keep up with the latest technology and solutions. At Smith Electric, our trained personnel have this specialized knowledge. We’ve been around since 1963, so we have extensive experience.

The Smith Electric Difference

The difference between us and our competition is our multi-step testing process, extensive use of original equipment manufacturer parts (OEM), and full manufacturer technical support that give us the advantage in dependability, proper fit and performance.

If you want to do your rebuild yourself, we will supply the parts. We have an extensive line of OEM and after-market parts for sale. Contact us today for more information.

Have Questions?

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you.

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